Daily admission Tickets

General Admission – Over 48 "

Non – Resident $19.99
Fremont Resident $18.99

Junior Admission – Under 48 "

Non – Resident $14.99
Fremont Resident $13.99

3 & under

(Includes Swim Diaper) $3.00

Spectator* (Someone not getting wet)
$19.99 - Price includes an $8 refundable same-day deposit if wristband returned still on wrist. Not available on Saturdays, Holidays, or for Special Events.

All ticket sales are non-refundable and non-transferable. Fremont Residents must show picture ID with Fremont address!




Group Tickets (15 or More)

General Admission-$13.99

*Online Purchases must be made three full days in advance. Tickets will be available for pick up the day of your visit.*
** Group Tickets are available day of but your whole group must enter the park at the same time as your receipt is your ticket **

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